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Free Flower Delivery Is A Lie

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I believe when you order flowers online, you can see some of the websites offer "Free Delivery" or even "Free same-day delivery".

Many people see this slogan, they think ”ah this is such a bargain, the other website needs to pay for a delivery, I should place my order here.“ Congrats! You just fell into a big trap. You are paying even more for this "free delivery" 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Today, I will explain this trap to you and show you where to find a cheaper but better choice. Please bear with me, after reading this article, you can save $25 per purchase!

Let's see why you are paying more if you choose free delivery websites.

We search "free flower delivery Singapore" on google, I just opened a random page stated "free delivery"- and let's randomly click one of their bouquets:

Nice, this is a 12-stalk rose bouquet with the price $85+ free shipping. Sounds good right ?

Let's compare one similar bouquet with a website charge an extra delivery fee, you can easily find on google as well.

I found the following one, they charge a $15 delivery fee for each order. Sounds expensive? Let's see their flower price:

12- stalk rose $60 without delivery!

We compare the prices again: at the free delivery website, the price of a similar bouquet is $85, which means actually they included a delivery fee in the price already and then tell you it's free delivery.

You are actually paying an extra $25 for delivery service.

Another reason why this kind of free delivery is expensive: sometimes, you want to self-collect your order from them so you can send this surprise yourself.

I can assure you they will charge you the same price, and tell you "oh the delivery is for free anyway, so there is no discount for self-collection."

See, I found this fee detail on another website, they also provide free delivery service, and they state very clearly: self-collection is free of charge, and standard delivery is also free of charge!

The first rule and also the golden rule I believe when I'm doing shopping is "there is nothing for free", I understand that as we are busy with our daily work so we just want to make some decisions quickly based on the given information. That's why those tricks always work well.

So where we can find a cheaper but better choice? Stay tuned, I will update a list of top flower delivery websites for you to choose in the next few days!

Hope now you've already understood this business game rule and will avoid it for good. Share this with your friends and families, let more people see the truth.


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